Chairman's welcome

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Welcome to the Raffles Family Wealth Trust. We appreciate your interest and hope that this website will provide a useful introduction to our firm.

Our team is dedicated to serving the needs of a limited number of legacy families, family offices and wealthy individuals, supporting them in their efforts to realize aspirational visions and to achieve their long-term objectives. In so doing, we recognize the importance of addressing, on an integrated and multi-generational basis, the full set of financial, fiscal and family elements that can help to turn a family fortune into an enduring family legacy.

The creation of substantial wealth is a great achievement. Managing that financial wealth well, structuring assets effectively, and putting in place family and family business strategies for the long term is a different kind of challenge.

Very few families have proven an ability to keep their families together and to preserve and enhance their wealth through time and across generations. Those that have demonstrate an ability to address financial and fiscal issues well, but have also proven adept at mastering a wider set of challenges. These issues can include family organization, leadership and governance, succession planning, dispute resolution, risk management, the creation and management of an effective 'eco-system', the establishment of high impact philanthropic initiatives and an approach to the individual and collective issues that can have a profound effect on a family and its members.

Our goal is to support individuals, family leaders and family office executives to create and implement effective strategies to protect and enhance both financial wealth and family well-being. This goal needs to be pursued in the current environment, and in a manner also to ensure the greatest likelihood that true family wealth will endure across multiple generations.